the Godard era

how much time do we spend missing

missing the black and white

missing the blue, red and bright yellow

i really fucked that one up. “yeah but we’ve never heard about those ones” 

ha ha ha
the really good guys

i remember making up memories, not really making it up.

slamming the doors

getting left at the rest stop in New Mexico 

how long was i there?

he wasn’t wearing shoes 

nope not then. not that month.


eleven times 

cross country that year?

up on my doorstep

down on the street

stolen cars and 

crying in the pavement 

up on the doorstep 

making it happen. again, again, again
so happy it made us sad 
look back, don't look back

so sad it made us happy

it would be better to stop but I can't stop

avoid, avoid memory's broken pledge


sometimes it's already found when it's lost

"SLOPPY SUMMER" is written on the left side of my left Converse All Star sneaker. My kind-of-friend wrote it last summer. He's kind of a graffiti artist, except I don't think he does it very much and I'm not sure he really cares. The soles are falling off those sneakers now.

The Coney Island Cyclone opened in June of 1927. At least three men have died on it. Necks snapping in the salty wind. A belly aching of wood and screams. Some call it terrifying, I call it Church.

Take 6 shots of whiskey and ride it next to a friend, a sort-of-friend or a stranger and I guarantee you'll feel some semblance of pure joy. Forgetting the things you needed to forget and losing something that was found all a long. 

I'm making up memories now - like one time that fits into a billion times.

Double Trouble / 'Cuz Why You Sleeping'?

A shit-faced wasted skinny dip

-That's what it was

A weed 4 life legal pot head

-That's just the way it is


my friends wouldn't do



they totally would

in the El Camino.

in the El Camino

You can't always see so much

like the bike coming up behind you

almost killing you

at 3 miles per hour


that was a close one.


is everything going in slow motion?

"It is."

Can't see so much from the outside

I'm looking on the inside

and it's our big chance

in the underworld.

Are ya buying a doughnut at 3AM

95 cent sex

in the car alone

I'm watching you mawfucker. 


I totally forgot what this was all for?

o yea.

If you can't be safe

Don't get caught.


Miss American Pie

That song is written about Buddy Holly.

Don McLean was just in the police blotter

or so I heard

through the grapevine

people talk

in small towns

people really talk

1,000 miles away 

and still heard about it

some version of it

he sings that 

classic rock


“American Pie”

objectively a 

tried and true

american ballad

a timeless 


a FM radio station 


probably a karaoke

top pick

but most people don’t know who sings the song

he is

kinda a 


he lives in my small

home town


he is a celebrity


living in a nice house



with his daughter 

with the 

big tits.

locked up

so i heard

through the grapevine 

people talk

in small towns

people really talk.


he’s one of us now


Sometimes it's pretty alright
(What was your name again?)
sometimes it's bull shit
(I was just in it for the 'good times')
Don't get me wrong
The good times are real
But, eh,
they probably had no idea what was going on
Everybody a little bit tipsy
A little bit confused
Now you though,
You're a different story.
Dear Diary,
Hell is real.
But I think we're in heaven
Or maybe it's Jupiter
You thought it'd be brighter in here
A corner table in a dive bar
Shines bright like a diamond
Slumped over
A piss stained
Next to a
Pint of whiskey
A train wreck of
'I'm going to use the one dollar bill.
Instead of the straw'
A 70-car highway pile up
Sitting on the swing
Looking at the flowers
Playing that song on fucking repeat
Weeping glitter
Trench foot
And a clean dick
I think you might be looking at something?
We're almost thirty
Kind of
Just look at us
Ask us if we give two shits
If you see us fuck
"We definitely don't"
It's possible
Or you're
on the verge of being a Craigslist serial killer
A prime time pervert
A proud parent of an honors student
A drunk housewife
The First Lady
Of the United States of America
'God bless your soul'
Or maybe I'm just
An angel
We have no idea
Maybe you
 know most of it
It's possible
probably not.

Maybe I'd Tear My Skin Off If I Could

opening one eye 

Then the other

continuous picture book

The pages are SCREAMING.

For Christs sake,

San Francisco

chill out.

Maybe it's because 

everybody is sticking to the sidewalks

it's making things uptight.

Jesus is on my chest 

and I'm not sure what he's doing 

Call me fucking trailer trash

Call me a whore

Slap me

In your bed

If that's alright with you?

a tight black tee-shirt

Tie it around my neck tight


a tight black tee-shirt 

A five lane highway

let's make out

"He's a total fuck up"

"But I love him so much"

 5  lane high way

over the Bay Bridge


We've got luck and a glass wall here people

Glitter and 

he's wearing a dress

And it's pouring all down my thigh

I'm sweating again

for the trillionth time

Avoiding families

and friends

A Crystal clear


It's noon

behind the abandoned

Building in the shade.