lets think about heaven

Drake is blasting through the speakers and everyone is starting to look really sexy again so i think it’s time for me to get out of here

mini skirts and hot legs

Go home alone. put lipstick on and put things into perspective. 

i just fell in love for the thousandth time and my wallet is a pack of cigarettes

mini skirts and hot legs

i don’t really like television. i like you. 

mini skirts and hot legs

so I’m standing in traffic

 and then I’m standing on stage

    and then I’m standing next to you. and you're screaming at me. looking for the door. 

mini skirts and hot legs 

you look like a chandelier on the inside and a mirror on the outside 

and we could have some mediocre sex right now

mini skirts and hot legs

People don’t always know what they want but they always want things

the skirts are looking shorter




mini skirts and hot legs

what the word I'm looking for? oh,

I’ll bring you 


till you