I Don't Feel The Cold

i don’t feel the cold 

i prefer when my hair looks bad


I can’t spell for shit and i don’t understand grammar. 

thats why I’m writing this now



Style is all we’ve got in this world


You said something to me and I’m writing it now


Milk toast piece of human trash-

somebody just said that too


Three things I love:

Rock and Roll


The United States of America


I talked to my friend in tight blue jeans about getting into fights


the salt is shaking and I’m asking HOW MANY HOES ARE YOU WITH RIGHT NOW?

come pick me up

So I’m asking you and you’re asking me

I love it when you don’t answer my calls


And Fuck

what the fuck was i thinking about? 

where the hell are we?

what is it that we are looking for?

i just know what i know and who the hell knows about that 





i think you might have been having the worst night of your life but i thought you looked the bestest


Pants up high shirts down low

work girls

lonely lesbians


vodka crans in a polyester dress

“i’ll have what she’s having”



Style is all we’ve got in this world