the Godard era

how much time do we spend missing

missing the black and white

missing the blue, red and bright yellow

i really fucked that one up. “yeah but we’ve never heard about those ones” 

ha ha ha
the really good guys

i remember making up memories, not really making it up.

slamming the doors

getting left at the rest stop in New Mexico 

how long was i there?

he wasn’t wearing shoes 

nope not then. not that month.


eleven times 

cross country that year?

up on my doorstep

down on the street

stolen cars and 

crying in the pavement 

up on the doorstep 

making it happen. again, again, again
so happy it made us sad 
look back, don't look back

so sad it made us happy

it would be better to stop but I can't stop

avoid, avoid memory's broken pledge