Dance With The Ones That Don't Dance (for nobody, for everybody, for Max)

You caught me just in time. 

I just finished singing my one and only karaoke song

Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano

It's not Christmas.

It's always Christmas?

God can you hear me?

No such thing as society!

We are Christ and the Antichrist 

One Nation Under God Destroying It's Youth

Per usual 

Don't tell me your happy if your not.

Don't call me when you get a cold sore.

Was it you that said that?

You always make me laugh

Except when you make me cry

You're a cocky dick

But I'm a dick too

Like when I Ieft in the middle of the night

The boys dance with the girls

The girls dance with the girls

The boys dance with the boys

Dance with me?

You're one of my favorites

I don't know if I'll see you before I go

prospero año y felicidad.