I like the ones that can't be bothered

She didn’t suck his dick for four-hundred thousand dollars.

at least neither of us sold out.

i almost did once

there’s no rush really 

but also

what’s the point of waiting around

She stole the chopsticks and plate right away 

but didn’t push any trashcans over that night

over the bridge again

blood on my blue jeans 

and a quick stop over to 14th street 

to see Mickey or Joe

never knew who was who

“who’s the blonde in the back huh?”

fast over to the west side

i didn’t even know there was a train stop near there

I said “completely” so many times

i was addicted to saying it

Diane from Los Angeles got me hooked on that

it makes life sound more interesting at the time.


Bob Dylan and Diana Ross.

they sounded better in Chelsea.

like they really belonged there

like we all belonged there together.

i think we did.

Don’t worry

It’ll be great,


You’ll be great.