A Monday Evening

The poetry MC is going on about something

Oh, it's about Beyoncé


I'm in the back yelling

Let's be 

completely honest


there is a lot more we need to be talking about

I'm bored

I'm being a drunk asshole

I'm being an idiot

I'm just being myself

People should want to use their brains

the crowd is either reeling with disgust or


at my bad behavior

My friends are slapping me and

having a blast

I told you on stage I was drunk

Honesty is the best policy


Ned read his poem and his arms

went numb

It was great

The best one all night

Juju stood next to me and I read a poem about her

and she read one about me

A two-4-one deal tonight and we won't apologize 

Bob Holman if you're reading this:

I really appreciate you

I don't know if they'll let me back in this establishment 

But I bet they'd let Beyoncé in.