The Biggest Little City


I have some questions.

About Rednecks

And Jesus Christ

What's up with these

Halos of second hand smoke?

Why they make me wanna fuck 

Hold hands


Go realll slow.

Worship me?

Never let me goin'

Until tomorrow.

Not knowing' shit

Is faith

I have faith in that.

A machine gun wedding

A junky in the bathroom

I'll share a needle 

If it gives me something that kills me

We must be going 60 mph 

Because we're fucking God and the devil 

At the same time

Let's have a three way


You'll freak out

Like, really lose it

Walk halfway down the block


Turn around

Retrace your steps

Open the fridge

And find your true love

Sometimes that happens

It's better than staying home watching TV.

Some might even say it's

The bestest.

Riding in the backseat

On the freeway

Here we go

Riding in the front seat

On the freeway


A million-

Miles per hour

In slow fucking motion

With a million seconds to lose.

photos by Bhandi & a little bit of everyone