Maybe I'd Tear My Skin Off If I Could

opening one eye 

Then the other

continuous picture book

The pages are SCREAMING.

For Christs sake,

San Francisco

chill out.

Maybe it's because 

everybody is sticking to the sidewalks

it's making things uptight.

Jesus is on my chest 

and I'm not sure what he's doing 

Call me fucking trailer trash

Call me a whore

Slap me

In your bed

If that's alright with you?

a tight black tee-shirt

Tie it around my neck tight


a tight black tee-shirt 

A five lane highway

let's make out

"He's a total fuck up"

"But I love him so much"

 5  lane high way

over the Bay Bridge


We've got luck and a glass wall here people

Glitter and 

he's wearing a dress

And it's pouring all down my thigh

I'm sweating again

for the trillionth time

Avoiding families

and friends

A Crystal clear


It's noon

behind the abandoned

Building in the shade.