Sometimes it's pretty alright
(What was your name again?)
sometimes it's bull shit
(I was just in it for the 'good times')
Don't get me wrong
The good times are real
But, eh,
they probably had no idea what was going on
Everybody a little bit tipsy
A little bit confused
Now you though,
You're a different story.
Dear Diary,
Hell is real.
But I think we're in heaven
Or maybe it's Jupiter
You thought it'd be brighter in here
A corner table in a dive bar
Shines bright like a diamond
Slumped over
A piss stained
Next to a
Pint of whiskey
A train wreck of
'I'm going to use the one dollar bill.
Instead of the straw'
A 70-car highway pile up
Sitting on the swing
Looking at the flowers
Playing that song on fucking repeat
Weeping glitter
Trench foot
And a clean dick
I think you might be looking at something?
We're almost thirty
Kind of
Just look at us
Ask us if we give two shits
If you see us fuck
"We definitely don't"
It's possible
Or you're
on the verge of being a Craigslist serial killer
A prime time pervert
A proud parent of an honors student
A drunk housewife
The First Lady
Of the United States of America
'God bless your soul'
Or maybe I'm just
An angel
We have no idea
Maybe you
 know most of it
It's possible
probably not.